This is the informations I have found out about Louis P. Johnson/Lars Peder Joergensen:

About L.P. Johnson

About his mother Ane Malene Nielsdatter

About Ella Petra Marie Madsen


I hope you will be as surprised as I did when I found out, that Ane Malene Nielsdatter was the sister of Kirsten Nielsdatter.
She is my great-great-grandmother and was married to Carl Frederik Johansen.
Kirsten and Carl Frederik were Anna Laurine Johansen's parents. So in one way or another we all are related to L.P. Johnson!


And then about the womens last names now and then.

Ane Malene Nielsdatter's last name was Nielsdatter because she was daughter of Niels Larsen. Nielsdatter = Niels' daughter.

Before 1850-60 the women in DK kept their last name when they married. That is why Ane Malene still have the last name Nielsdatter when she becomes a widow for the second time.
Her son Lars Peder's last name is Joergensen because his fathers name was Joergen Petersen. Joergensen = Joergen's son.

That is why mother and son had different last names. Maybe Ane Malene married again before she went to US or after she came to US. In the cencus from 1900 she is listed as Lena Johnson. Perhaps she changed her last name to Johnson because her son changed his name to Johnson.
There also is some confusion about her first names. In DK she was baptized Ane Malene Nielsdatter. Perhaps it was more easy to call her Helena or Lena. In US you shorten a lot of names but we don't.


After 1860 the Danish women started to take their husbands last name. We never use the maiden name as you do.
Now at days it is very common that the man takes his wifes last name.
Or perhaps they put his and hers names together with an - in one long last name.

Please notice too that there is no place at Moen called Rubille, the name is Raabylille.